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Artur Hiaeve Discusses 2020 Ticket Policies for New York Yankees Games Affected by COVID-19

Artur Hiaeve, a Miami resident, discusses the new 2020 ticket policies for New York Yankees games affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sports seasons across the United States are looking a lot different in 2020. Baseball, a sport that usually thrives during the summer months, has been on hold for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The league is expected to return to play soon with a unique 60-game schedule that looks a lot different than previous years. New York Yankees fan Artur Hiaeve recently discussed the new 2020 ticket policies the Yankees organization will be implementing due to the pandemic.

Artur Hiaeve explained that the normal Yankees schedule, which was set to take place from April through September, has been greatly impacted by the virus. Because of this, those who purchased tickets for Yankees games throughout the season can now use the organization’s Rain Check Policy for any game tickets impacted. Those who previously purchased tickets are also eligible for a full refund equaling the amount of the ticket. Artur Hiaeve explained this refund is only valid for tickets purchased directly from the New York Yankees organization.

Artur Hiaeve added that fans may choose to opt for an Impacted Game Credit. He explained that this route can be beneficial to the ticket purchaser as well as the Yankees organization, which is taking a major financial hit due to the virus. This credit will be given to the purchaser in an equal amount to the ticket they purchased. Artur Hiaeve added that the credit can then be used to purchase future tickets.

Fans like Artur Hiaeve explain that season ticket holders have also been greatly impacted by the virus. Thankfully, the Yankees organization understands the difficult situation season ticket holders are facing. Artur Hiaeve stated that season ticket holders will automatically receive the Impacted Game Credit. Ticket holders can later use this credit to purchase tickets for other games until the end of the 2021 regular season, as well as any tickets available with the Rain Check Policy. Artur Hiaeve added that the Yankees organization is appreciative of its season ticket holders and is trying to make the credit process as easy an automatic as possible for them.

Artur Hiaeve finished by stating that season ticket holders will receive another benefit offered by the organization. They will be eligible for a unique Impacted Game Bonus equal to 10 percent of their whole Impacted Game Credit. This could be a total of up to $25,000 for some ticket holders.

Artur Hiaeve suggested ticket holders of all levels visit the official New York Yankees website or contact the organization to learn more about new ticket policies and how they can benefit from the numerous available credits.

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