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Baseball Enthusiast Artur Hiaeve Discusses How the World Series Will Look This Year

Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve discusses how the Major League Baseball World Series will look this year. 

Major League Baseball is far from normal in 2020. The season was shortened by the coronavirus pandemic and recent games have been played inside a “bubble” complex. However, the season is still reaching its final moments, and baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve recently explained what the iconic World Series is expected to look like in the coming weeks.

“The MLB has been keeping most of its discussions closed to the public, but baseball fans have become aware of a few possible outcomes for the post-season,” Artur Hiaeve said. “We know that games will most likely be played in two neutral locations, Texas and California.”

Artur Hiaeve added that World Series games are set to be played at Petco Park in San Diego and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, followed by an end to the series at the new Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington. However, Artur Hiaeve explained that this is all information leaked by those close to official discussions and has not been confirmed by the MLB yet.

“We may even see the first round of post-season games played at the teams’ local parks,” Artur Hiaeve added. “However, we’re almost positive the games will move to the three bubble locations following the first round if that.”

Artur Hiaeve explained that American League clubs will likely play in San Diego and Los Angeles, while National League teams will play at the Arlington stadium. No decisions have been made final as of today because the MLB needs to run all of its decisions by the players union if the changes mean new health protocols.

“The stadiums are empty, but fans are currently excited to watch games,” Artur Hiaeve said. “More than 4 million viewers were reported watching the season opener on TV in late July.”

The MLB did experience an outbreak in Covid-19 cases when the season first opened, Artur Hiaeve explained. This is why players still seem a bit leery of being stuck in a single locale for a multitude of games. However, positive cases of coronavirus have declined greatly throughout the MLB, and it appears that teams will not be entirely secluded like the NHL and NBA bubbles.

“We don’t know for sure what is going to happen” Artur Hiaeve said. “The players are obviously going to want some family members nearby and some additional activities to enjoy, and that’s where this could get complicated.”

Artur Hiaeve explained that the mission of keeping players happy while keeping them in a safe environment is going to be difficult. Although, it appears that baseball fans around the country and around the globe will be able to watch the World Series this year. For fans like Artur Hiaeve, that’s good enough.

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