Artur Hiaeve Reveals His Top Must-Visit Sites When Vacationing in New York City

Artur Hiaeve reveals his top must-visit sites when vacationing with family in New York City.

Artur Hiaeve spent much of his youth in New York City. The countless years he spent exploring the boroughs and all of the city’s greatest sites — small and large — have led him to know this city inside and out. Artur Hiaeve is an avid traveler and family man, and many of his favorite vacations involve taking his family back to his old stomping grounds, New York City.

Artur Hiaeve states that New York City, despite its often overwhelming size and nonstop action, is an ideal family vacation destination. He argues that it’s home to countless educational experiences, unbeatable dining, and plenty of sites that are just plain fun to explore with family.

“Of course, there are the iconic New York City sites every person should see in their lifetime,” Artur Hiaeve says. “But there are also those underground spots that make everyone in your family say ‘wow.’”

Artur Hiaeve explains that New York City is a destination travelers can visit again and again without ever seeing everything the city has to offer. He states that he has loved showing his kids the city’s most iconic sites over the years as well as those lesser-known destinations he visited with his local relatives decades ago.

“The No.1 thing I tell every visitor to do is hop aboard the the Staten Island Ferry,” Artur Hiaeve says. “It’s completely free and offers some of the best views of the city, New Jersey, and the Statue of Liberty.”

Artur Hiaeve explains that the Staten Island Ferry is meant as a commuter ferry, so it gets extremely crowded during rush hour. However, those who hop aboard during a different time of day will enjoy unbeatable sightseeing without paying a dime. Artur Hiaeve adds that another must-visit site is Brooklyn Bridge Park, which offers iconic views of the city skyline. He explains that everyone should walk the Brooklyn Bridge at least once, and it’s an ideal way to start the day before temperatures rise.

“It’s a little off-beat, but I always recommend heading to Chinatown on an empty stomach and taking your own culinary tour,” Artur Hiaeve says. “This is something my family looks forward to every time we visit the city. We always stock up on fun Chinatown souvenirs while we’re there too.”

Artur Hiaeve adds that one of the top tourist attractions in the city is the One World Observatory in One World Trade Center. Now the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, it’s an ideal place to take in views, but more importantly, it’s a place to remember the lives lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He explains this site is an absolute must, no matter how old your children may be.

“New York is a must-see city with countless must-visit sites. These are just a few that I always recommend, but I hope you’ll visit and create your a ‘must-see’ list of your own too,” Artur Hiaeve finishes.

Artur Hiaeve

Baseball Enthusiast Artur Hiaeve Discusses How the World Series Will Look This Year

Baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve discusses how the Major League Baseball World Series will look this year. 

Major League Baseball is far from normal in 2020. The season was shortened by the coronavirus pandemic and recent games have been played inside a “bubble” complex. However, the season is still reaching its final moments, and baseball enthusiast Artur Hiaeve recently explained what the iconic World Series is expected to look like in the coming weeks.

“The MLB has been keeping most of its discussions closed to the public, but baseball fans have become aware of a few possible outcomes for the post-season,” Artur Hiaeve said. “We know that games will most likely be played in two neutral locations, Texas and California.”

Artur Hiaeve added that World Series games are set to be played at Petco Park in San Diego and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, followed by an end to the series at the new Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington. However, Artur Hiaeve explained that this is all information leaked by those close to official discussions and has not been confirmed by the MLB yet.

“We may even see the first round of post-season games played at the teams’ local parks,” Artur Hiaeve added. “However, we’re almost positive the games will move to the three bubble locations following the first round if that.”

Artur Hiaeve explained that American League clubs will likely play in San Diego and Los Angeles, while National League teams will play at the Arlington stadium. No decisions have been made final as of today because the MLB needs to run all of its decisions by the players union if the changes mean new health protocols.

“The stadiums are empty, but fans are currently excited to watch games,” Artur Hiaeve said. “More than 4 million viewers were reported watching the season opener on TV in late July.”

The MLB did experience an outbreak in Covid-19 cases when the season first opened, Artur Hiaeve explained. This is why players still seem a bit leery of being stuck in a single locale for a multitude of games. However, positive cases of coronavirus have declined greatly throughout the MLB, and it appears that teams will not be entirely secluded like the NHL and NBA bubbles.

“We don’t know for sure what is going to happen” Artur Hiaeve said. “The players are obviously going to want some family members nearby and some additional activities to enjoy, and that’s where this could get complicated.”

Artur Hiaeve explained that the mission of keeping players happy while keeping them in a safe environment is going to be difficult. Although, it appears that baseball fans around the country and around the globe will be able to watch the World Series this year. For fans like Artur Hiaeve, that’s good enough.

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Artur Hiaeve Talks About the Insurance Industry’s Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Artur Hiaeve Talks About the Insurance Industry’s Response to the Covid-19 Crisis

Following several months of coronavirus induced lockdowns, many companies turned to insurance companies for financial compensation due to disruptions. Artur Hiaeve, an insurance consultant, predicts a steady increase in the number of business interruption lawsuits. His statement comes at a time when many companies are still assessing the impact of the health crisis on their finances and day-to-day operations.

In addition, Hiaeve says the insurance industry faces significant reputational risks. He emphasized the need to restore customer confidence and loyalty following the challenges triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Bloomberg’s report, the insurance industry faced thousands of business lawsuits after insurers declined to pay claims.

Hospitality, retail, and tourism sectors initiated the bulk of lawsuits against insurers. Artur Hiaeve highlighted cases involving two Las Vegas casino resorts taking AIG to court over declined claims. Similarly, leading fashion brand Ralph Lauren took legal action against FM Global for refusing to pay Covid-19 business interruption claims. The retailer is suing the insurer for $700 million.

Artur Hiaeve Explains Pandemic Coverage Issues

Artur Hiaeve states that disagreements between insurers and companies were inevitable. Losses triggered by a global pandemic are not insurable due to the scope of the crisis. For instance, analysts estimate losses linked to Covid-19 business interruption in the United States alone can reach up to $400 billion monthly. Understandably, insurers lack the capacity and willingness to cover this amount.

Federal authorities can handle the sheer scope of the problem through relief funding. It is no surprise that most Americans believe that the government should provide the funding to alleviate financial difficulties associated with the pandemic. By bearing financial responsibility, federal authorities can assist businesses of varying sizes to stay afloat.

Fewer people who participated in surveys believe insurers should compensate businesses for Covid-19 interruption losses. In a poll conducted by CivicScience, only 16 percent of participants expressed this view. In addition, eight percent of the respondents supported lawsuits against insurance companies.

Business Interruption Contracts Limits

Artur Hiaeve argued that forcing insurers to cover claims linked to global pandemic risks is detrimental to all policyholders and the economy. He added that business interruption contracts have limitations when it comes to risks triggered by a worldwide pandemic. On the other hand, the government can initiate programs that provide immediate relief to distressed companies.

By providing relief, federal authorities enable insurers to maintain surpluses or reserves to cover policyholders for covered losses caused by hurricanes and wildfires.

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Artur Hiaeve Discusses 2020 Ticket Policies for New York Yankees Games Affected by COVID-19

Artur Hiaeve, a Miami resident, discusses the new 2020 ticket policies for New York Yankees games affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sports seasons across the United States are looking a lot different in 2020. Baseball, a sport that usually thrives during the summer months, has been on hold for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. The league is expected to return to play soon with a unique 60-game schedule that looks a lot different than previous years. New York Yankees fan Artur Hiaeve recently discussed the new 2020 ticket policies the Yankees organization will be implementing due to the pandemic.

Artur Hiaeve explained that the normal Yankees schedule, which was set to take place from April through September, has been greatly impacted by the virus. Because of this, those who purchased tickets for Yankees games throughout the season can now use the organization’s Rain Check Policy for any game tickets impacted. Those who previously purchased tickets are also eligible for a full refund equaling the amount of the ticket. Artur Hiaeve explained this refund is only valid for tickets purchased directly from the New York Yankees organization.

Artur Hiaeve added that fans may choose to opt for an Impacted Game Credit. He explained that this route can be beneficial to the ticket purchaser as well as the Yankees organization, which is taking a major financial hit due to the virus. This credit will be given to the purchaser in an equal amount to the ticket they purchased. Artur Hiaeve added that the credit can then be used to purchase future tickets.

Fans like Artur Hiaeve explain that season ticket holders have also been greatly impacted by the virus. Thankfully, the Yankees organization understands the difficult situation season ticket holders are facing. Artur Hiaeve stated that season ticket holders will automatically receive the Impacted Game Credit. Ticket holders can later use this credit to purchase tickets for other games until the end of the 2021 regular season, as well as any tickets available with the Rain Check Policy. Artur Hiaeve added that the Yankees organization is appreciative of its season ticket holders and is trying to make the credit process as easy an automatic as possible for them.

Artur Hiaeve finished by stating that season ticket holders will receive another benefit offered by the organization. They will be eligible for a unique Impacted Game Bonus equal to 10 percent of their whole Impacted Game Credit. This could be a total of up to $25,000 for some ticket holders.

Artur Hiaeve suggested ticket holders of all levels visit the official New York Yankees website or contact the organization to learn more about new ticket policies and how they can benefit from the numerous available credits.